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The founder and President of Joy Christian Radio, Ed Smith, has had a passion for Christian Radio since the day he stood from the altar and announced his call to the ministry in July, 1976.  He said that he believed God had called him to preach the Gospel of our Lord and to work in Christian Radio.  After 6 years of opposition from his church to the idea of “radio ministry,” Ed was instrumental in talking a young lady with a child out of committing suicide.  She called into the station while Ed was on duty at WFNE-FM in Forsyth, GA (near Macon).  That single event clearly demonstrated the power of Christian Radio to Ed, galvanized his calling, and created within him the determination to do as God called him to do rather than follow man’s plan for his life.  God has blessed the long journey from that day to this.  Ed has worked for most every “type” of Christian radio station out there, from the tiniest AM station in “tiny town, USA” to major markets such as Atlanta, Macon and Jackson plus a decade of service at a national Christian radio network that reached over 200 stations at one point.  But, Ed’s dream of building a ministry using the plan he believed God had given him wouldn’t go away, so in early 2000, Joy Christian Radio was born.

Joy Christian Radio launched with a single radio station that was leased in North Mississippi. After a couple of attempts at ownership that didn’t work out, Joy finally acquired its first radio station that was not leased in Centre, Alabama.  Joy Christian Radio operated AM-1560 there for 11 years.  Unlike other radio stations across the country, Joy Christian Radio has never been a business; rather it is a ministry and operates much the same as any church from an operational standpoint. God has always blessed our sincere and passionate pledge to put ministry first.  He has always met our financial needs. From the many people whom God has led to support us both prayerfully and financially to the “flipping” of “dead” radio stations, Joy Christian Radio has grown into the debt-free operations that it enjoys today.

One of the most important goals from the very inception of this ministry was to own a Non Commercial Educational FM radio station to utilize as a headquarters location and “flagship” station for our network. That goal was finally realized on March 21, 2012 when God blessed us to purchase WLYJ in Tullahoma, Tennessee totally debt-free.

Currently, Joy Christian Radio owns and operates the following radio stations:
WLYJ-FM 88.5 in Tullahoma, Tennessee (our “flagship” station” and headquarters location).
WLYG-FM 88.3, Jasper, GA

And, here on our website.
We call our “main format” “Classic Gospel” because it is just that. This one-of-a-kind format features Southern and Traditional Gospel Music with the perfect blend of Classic Inspirational and Praise music.  USA Radio News is heard at the top of every hour. Short features with a plethora of news and Christian worldview commentaries sprinkle the music with “information you and your family can trust.”

Joy Christian Radio also offers “Bible Talk” here on the Internet.  It is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of solid Bible Preaching, Teaching and Talk Programming.  Tune in often!

And, if you have a smart device, install the Tune In App and listen to us on your smartphone or tablet computer.  Tune In is now heard on Roku and other TV devices!  Listen there often!!

And, join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/joychristianradio

or on Ed Smith’s personal page at

Tune in often to Joy Christian Radio and be blessed! Remember, you are loved with an everlasting love. And, we love you, too!

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