Tee Shirts!

Regular Tee Shirt Deluxe Tee Shirt

Tee Shirts for Joy!
Get your Joy Christian Radio Tee Shirts and wear the colors!
In doing so, you will let others know about this radio station!

This year, we are offering two different tee shirts for your choosing:
1) We call this one the “regular” tee shirt. It is a regular tee shirt with our logo as described.
2) We call this one the “deluxe” tee shirt. It has a pocket and is made of heaver tee shirt material.

Both tee shirts are white with the following:
Our logo and website is printed on the front, the frequency of your station on the back (Internet back is blank)

The cost is very affordable!
Regular Tee Shirts are $20.00
Deluxe Tee Shirts are 25.00
All sizes included! Please add $2.00 per order for shipping. Over 6 shirts, we charge actual shipping.

To order your shirts, please call us! You can pay by check, cash or credit/debit card here on the website.
We will give you the total of your order when you call in!
The phone numbers are:
If that is long distance for you, use our toll-free number. 855.JOY.CR11 (855-569-2411)

Help us let others know about Joy Christian Radio! Get your tee shirts for the whole family today!
And, as always, we say a big THANK YOU for your support of Joy Christian Radio!

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