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Transmitter Follow Up

God has worked a miracle for Joy Christian Radio!

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, a large donation was made that completely covers the entire cost of refurbishing our ailing transmitter at Tullahoma!  We are rejoicing over God’s provision and His blessings!!  Also, the company that we purchased our used transmitter from just a short two months ago has provided us a loaner until we can get repairs done!  We are hoping to be able also to repair the used transmitter to use as a backup!!  God is good, and He has blessed our ministry!

Thank you to all who prayed and to the generosity of the anonymous donor who made this wonderful gift to our ministry enabling us to get our Tullahoma signal back up to full power!

In Our Master’s Joyful Service,

Ed Smith

Our Ailing Transmitter

Our Ailing Transmitter!

Our Ailing Transmitter This Crown Transmitter is the “original” transmitter that came with the station when we first acquired WLYJ, 88.5FM in March, 2012.   It has failed due to age and component fatigue, and we have exhausted our “temporary” transmitters.  We had a burnout of the “used” transmitter we purchased a short two months ago; then we had a burnout of my small FM transmitter that had previously kept us on the air.

Currently, we are operating at a very low power of 200 watts, and although we sound really good locally, the signal is not getting out very far.

Will you help us get the “light” of this “lighthouse” bright once again?   Help us to reach people with the Gospel that COULD hear us if this transmitter was on the air right now!

Contribute today to the TRANSMITTER REFURB FUND!!


I am more and more concerned about the greatly increasing numbers of liars who call themselves Christians these days. A person much more wise than I said, “a person who will lie to you will also steal from you.” So very true. The practice of lying about just about anything anytime is rampant, and this practice seems now to be no longer a major concern of Christendom….at large.
It hasn’t been that many years ago that it was very rare in American society for one to lie to a “man of the cloth” or to the church at large. Not anymore. The Church and its Clergy were respected in America. Not anymore. Many in government now laugh and scoff at the very idea of a Christian who genuinely loves their Savior and who actually put into practice that which they hold near and dear to their hearts. Those who actually “practice” their faith are ridiculed and lied to on a regular basis; cheated in business, damaged in ministry and run down in reputation. “It’s just business,” they say. Now, these liars are cheating God’s Ministry on the very same level that they lie and cheat all others in society; even more-so in some cases as they laugh and mock the very Christians and ministries they lie to and steal from.
It is sad, but it is true that when our souls are compromised by a lying tongue and a stealing heart, that same compromise ends up engulfing the entire society. Our society is sick with sin, sick with liars who abound. People who lie first to themselves, then to others. We’ve lost our integrity and character while compromising it on “just business.” Compromised all morals in the name of the almighty dollar. Compromised our very soul in the name of “profit.” America is sick unto death unless a cure is introduced soon.
The saddest part of this whole scenario is that the cure for liars and sinners has been here all along….but, now even government is barring us from talking about that cure in many public places. We must PRAY. We MUST speak up! We MUST live our faith. Only Jesus Christ can deliver America now, and that will only happen when Christians stop compromising, repent of their sin and turn once again to the Savior! God help us to have a REVIVAL!!!
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Excitement ahead for Joy Christian Radio!

From the Desk of Ed Smith,
Founder / President Joy Christian Radio

I bring you greetings in the matchless name of our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I trust that you all had a wonderful summer and the Fall is wonderful as well. Joy Christian Radio has enjoyed the blessings of the Lord this summer, and we have a lot to be thankful for! I would like to share some of our blessings, but first, I would like to mention our Fall “Friend Raiser!”
It is hard to believe this much time has passed, but it has!! Late October is the time to begin our Fall “Friend Raiser!” We do this twice a year; once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Our entire operation here at Joy Christian Radio is dependent on our listeners for prayer and financial support. We believe this is the operational model that God led us to employ, and He has blessed His plan through the years!
Joy Christian Radio operates our fund raising efforts in a very different manner than most other radio stations, in that, we don’t have a “one week, wall-to-wall, do-or-die effort” that absorbs an entire week of “regular” broadcasting; nor do we have “eternal begging for money.” Instead, Joy Christian Radio splits it up over a longer period of time, and we don’t preempt much of our regular programming! You see, we operate under the premise that whatever God gives us, He will make it work to keep us alive. He has always been faithful to follow the model He gave us, and it is a joy and a thrill to watch Him at work. One highlight of our Friend Raisers is that we have “open house,” when we invite our listeners to come to our headquarters and spend some time here getting to know the operations of the network and so that we might have the opportunity to get to know many of you! This Fall, we will have three “open house” celebrations here at our headquarters in Tullahoma, Tennessee between now and the end of the year. Please refer to the “event calendar” for the specific dates for these activities.
This Fall’s Friend Raiser, as always, is more targeted towards making friends, renewing and connecting with old friends, and connecting with our listeners. It is a lot of fun and a wonderful time of ministry! We will present our budgetary needs for the next six months of operations, and we have a very special and much needed project that we would like to see accomplished. I hope and pray that you will begin now to pray about what the Lord would have you do this Friend Raiser season!! Be a part of this ministry! You are our family! We so very much want to see the world have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ, and radio is reaching many for Him!
We will be searching for volunteers to assist us throughout the Friend Raiser season. If you are interested, please call Marie at 931.222.1633. No radio experience is necessary, and no broadcast experience is necessary. Plus, if you tell us that you don’t want to be on the air, we will honor your request!
Here is just a tiny tip of the iceberg of improvements that God has blessed us to be able to accomplish this summer: 1) We overhauled our computer system. That’s no small task! New file servers, new FTP server, new “play-to-air” machines, new production machines, and a new Internet-only radio network! 2) We overhauled our “live” broadcast system and remote control unit. Again, no small task. 3) We started “Bible Talk,” the brand new Internet-only Bible preaching and teaching network! And, we’re already got listeners!! 4) We installed a “new” (actually used) FM transmitter at our WLYJ, Tullahoma station!! It is wonderful! Our signal here at headquarters is much improved!! So, HELLO TO MANY WHO COULDN”T PICK US UP PRIOR TO THIS!!! We are thrilled to have you join the family!!
All of this was made possible because God blessed us to be able to close on our final “investment” AM radio station early this summer! For those who might not be aware of this, Joy Christian Radio was built on ingenuity and a lot of “blood, sweat and tears.” We are NOT money people; never have been, never will be. Instead, I used the talents God gave me as a broadcaster, engineer, operator, manager and “flunky” to acquire “troubled” AM radio stations for little of nothing, fix them up, get them on the air producing some income and sell them for a profit. This money was used to operate our young and growing network and to invest in stations that we wanted to “keep,” such as WLYJ, WLYG and WLYY!! (That’s Tullahoma, TN; Centre, AL; and Copperhill / Blue Ridge, GA if you are unaware of our stations!). All of the proceeds of our station sale this summer were used to purchase the equipment I mentioned.
We used every penny that was donated from the Spring Friend Raiser to operate! And, we were able, for the first time in our history, to use every penny of the investor station sale this summer on equipment! We’re so thrilled! It has been in the past that we would have to use a large portion of our station sales to operate, but not this time! So, we are greatly improved in quality of operations and are now poised for some real growth and improvements that you will love in the months to come.
One more detail and I will let you go. For those of you who are new to our Friend Raisers, we “clear the board” and start over each time! So, if you pledged a monthly amount that is not yet finished, please just keep on keeping on! But, you can let us know if you want to continue to do it again for another six months if you feel led to do so, and I pray you will! Last time, we had a church that jumped in with both feet in support of Joy Christian Radio! Their faithful support has provided a very large portion of our operational funds each month through a monthly love offering, their members who have broadcasts on Joy Christian Radio, and those individuals who support monthly! I am praying that other churches catch the vision and follow the Godly example set by this church! God is already blessing their faithfulness! The response to their outreaches on Joy Christian Radio has been very good, and I pray it gets better. Pastor, will you pray about discussing NOW with your church the idea of supporting this MISSIONS ministry? Never thought of us that way? Well, you should. Joy Christian Radio reaches people that nobody else can reach. And, the “Inspiration for your family and Information you can trust” coming from Joy Christian Radio is second to none in our area! I am very excited about the Friend Raiser!! Please join us!!
In Our Master’s Joyful Service,
Ed Smith

A Thought for Cheaters and Usurpers….Don’t do it.

One of my pet peeves is using the line “it’s just business” as an excuse for cheating others in business matters.  Christians should not ever be engaged in such behavior, but, sadly, it is a common occurrence for people of God to lay aside their convictions and beliefs in order to cheat someone in business, or cheat on their taxes, etc.  There is nothing that demonstrates more clearly the ungodliness that lives inside their heart than when it is displayed openly under the guise of “it’s just business.”

This is a warning to those who cheat others while ignoring their own convictions of the Gospel, especially to those who would cheat or take unfair advantage of a Church or other bona fide Ministry:

“Those who cheat or take unfair advantage of others in business, no matter how they may prosper on this earth as a result of their evil deeds, will eventually pay for their treachery.  Especially, when it is God’s Kingdom work that has been cheated or taken unfair advantage of.  Those usurpers who, in that manner gain profit from God’s Kingdom will themselves surely shall not escape God’s Wrath for their evil deeds, for their evil deeds most always carry eternal consequences.  When a usurper successfully uses a Church or Ministry for personal gain, that usurper could well find that he has the blood of untold numbers of souls on his hands as a result of the consequences of his evil deeds.”

It is much better to live the Christian life one professes in all things, including business matters, than to ditch our trust and commitment to Christ in the name of “it’s just business.”

“Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. — James 5:1.

Joy Christian Radio – What’s in a Name?

Joy Christian Radio.  That name is more unique that most people realize.  Yes, there are many different “Joy” Radio’s out there.  Joy AM’s and Joy FM’s.  Joy Radio this and Joy Radio that.  But, there is only one “Joy Christian Radio” in the nation, and we are it!  We own all the Internet domain names of that designation, including the .com, .net and .org.  We were the very first in the nation to use the name “Joy Christian Radio” as our name and logo.  So, when you say our whole name “Joy Christian Radio,” you are speaking of us.  So, please be sure you say our whole name when you refer to us.  We are “Joy Christian Radio,” and that separates us from the others.

So, how did we come up with this name?  Joy Christian Radio is a name that came to be over a few years of usage, experimentation and prayer / meditation on God’s Word.  I wanted a unique name that would identify who we are, and would also share our mission in one breath.  I have used the name “Joy Christian Radio” for about 30 years in various venues where I have worked in Christian Radio.

I first decided that I wanted to use the name “Joy” as part of our name because I always loved the concept of “joy” in the Biblical sense.  Based on the last part of the verse in Nehemiah 8:10 that says, “the joy of the Lord is your strength,” I knew that concept had to be incorporated into the name somehow.  I realized that the source of our strength is found in the Lord, and nowhere else.  As I pondered that passage over the years, I came to realize that the term “joy” does not equal the term “happiness.”  I realized that there are times that I’m just not happy about things!  Right now as I write this blog post is one of those times.  We just found out that the compressor at our station in Centre is blown and it will cost almost $4,000 to replace it, and our people at Centre cannot come and preach on Sunday afternoon in 85-90 degree heat in the building.  That thought does not make me want to smile!  This news and other news of a similar nature, quite frankly, causes me grief when I think of the financial struggles we are in the midst of as we try to get our new flagship station off the ground in Tennessee, and as we continue to await the funding to get our new station at Copperhill, Tennessee on the air.  I don’t think anyone could say this news made me “happy.”  With that in mind, I think we could all agree that there are times that we are not happy….for whatever reason.  But, this news didn’t steal my JOY!

JOY, on the other hand, comes from a source much deeper than ourselves.  True Joy comes from God above.  The very idea that the Creator of the Universe would even be interested in living in our hearts is enough in itself to overwhelm us!  But, there is more!  God actually loves us enough to die for us!  The thought that our Heavenly Father loves us enough that he has even numbered the very hairs on our head (for some of us, that isn’t too difficult to keep up with!) is a comfort and lets us know just how much He loves us!  Joy is not dependent on how you or I feel!  It has nothing to do with being happy!  I can be most unhappy and still have the Joy of the Lord in my heart!  It can be the absolute worst day of my life with my whole world burning around me and there is still that ABIDING JOY that comes from the Lord!!  Joy doesn’t leave when the world walks out.  Joy sticks around when all my strength is gone and picks me up when I fall.  Joy grabs me tightly by the hand when I am shocked and saddened by some terrible tragedy and whispers in my ear, “God is in control.  It will be alright!”  Indeed, “the joy of the Lord IS my strength.”

But, in order to use it as a name for our organization, I felt there needed to be more explanation.  I quickly realized that there is no genuine JOY apart from Christ!  The JOY that brings “peace that passes understanding” cannot be found in large bank accounts or huge homes or posh living arrangements.  No automobile or other mechanical manmade marvel can bring true JOY!  No power or prestige or fame can bring true JOY.  Only Christ can bring JOY and give the PEACE that passes our human understanding.  So, it was only natural that I would want to combine two words to name our organization!  “Joy” and “Christian,” to designate “genuine JOY from Christ” was the name that God gave me!

Joy Christian Communications, Inc (our organization’s legal name) was born and named after this concept.  Joy Christian Radio is a part of this special ministry that God Himself has raised up!  When we started out (and still to this very day), I didn’t have money or ability to buy or build radio stations that are valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars each!   I didn’t have the collateral to borrow that much money.  Joy Christian Radio is a perfect example of a ministry that God built from nothing into what it is today!  And, there is nothing super human or extra-specially talented about me.  I am just a man with a passion to tell others about the abiding JOY that comes from knowing Christ, and the determination to never quit until I’ve completed God’s mission for my life.

Joy Christian Radio was dedicated to Christ from her very inception, and continues to be so today.  Every piece of equipment.  Every radio station license.  Every transmitter and tower.  All of it belongs to God.  And, this is not a shrine to me or anyone else.  Every penny that comes into our hands in the name of Joy Christian Radio is used as wisely and efficiently as is humanly possible for the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ.  We have set up our non-profit corporation so that there is no legal way any of my family can ever personally profit from this ministry.  This is God’s, not “mine.”  I am not the “owner” of any of these radio stations.  God is.  We gave it all to Him, and we will never take any portion of it back.

So, we can come before you, our family, friends, listeners and supporters and declare to you that this organization is a good one to invest in and ask you to prayerfully do so!  As you invest in Joy Christian Radio, you are investing in souls and in the Harvest.  You are investing in a ministry whose mission is to passionately spread the Gospel of Christ and to be a source of edification, education and information to the children of God.  Yes, we proudly “sing to the choir,” and “preach to the preachers!”  All of God’s children need to be strengthened by the ministry of God’s Word, and Joy Christian Radio is about the Father’s business of doing just that.  Your prayers and financial support of this ministry is greatly appreciated, and we promise to never squander, waste or mis-spend God’s money.

May God richly bless you all as you prayerfully support this wonderful ministry that is touching hearts and lives wherever we go.


In Our Master’s Joyful Service,

Ed Smith

Founder / President Joy Christian Radio

Do we live in a Post-Christian Country?

Bishop Thomas Tobin, head of the Catholic diocese of Providence, Rhode Island says the “gay marriage” bill signed into law in that state by its governor, Lincoln Chafee, constitutes a new challenge of the “post-Christian era into which, clearly, we have now entered.” The Bishop went on to say that, “Our respect and pastoral care, however, does not mean that we are free to endorse or ignore immoral or destructive behavior, whenever or however it occurs. Indeed, as St. Paul urges us, we are required to ‘speak the truth in love.’ (Eph 4:15)” This according to a news report from CNS News.

Kudos’ Bishop Tobin! I think you hit that nail squarely on the head. You see, whether we like it, whether we acknowledge it or whether we choose to ignore it, the USA has now entered into a post-Christian era with the legislation that has been passed and the decline of the church. Our culture HAS Changed! It continues to change! Our grandparents would not know where they are if they were to come back here!! This country is NOTHING like it was just a few short decades ago. But, the slide downward to this heathenistic culture didn’t happen over the past few decades alone.

Our culture has been sliding for well over a century now from the spirit of revival that accompanied the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The church went from being a respected and revered institution to a hated house preferred to be destroyed by so many in society. A preacher was considered at the top of the totem pole of community leaders; now preachers are mocked and ridiculed; a fact that has been largely brought on by their own members lifestyles of compromise and open sin.

The reason that “gay marriage” and abortion reign supreme in this culture, surpassing all sense of common decency and ignoring all logic is that the country has no base for its morality. When you try to teach the principles of the Word of God apart from the name of Christ, it will utterly fail and fall into ruin. In the early days of TV, the shows that we all dearly love were good, moral shows. Ricky and Lucy slept in twin beds. Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee, Barney, Thelma Lou and the rest of the gang all went to church (Barney sang in the choir!). Cursing and nudity was forbidden on most TV and movies. But, did you notice that on the vast majority of these TV shows, they didn’t once mention the name of Jesus Christ? Even when they prayed, they didn’t pray in “Jesus’ Name” on the air. The preacher, on those occasions when the camera caught him in the pulpit, NEVER invoked the name of Christ. But, they taught His morals! Do not lie. Do not steal. Be a good citizen (well, it is a good principle).

So, as time went on, questions began to arise such as, “Who said, ‘thou shalt not steal?’” And, who says it is wrong? Where is the authority for these morals? Where is the requirement that I live that way? After all, Mayberry was an imaginary community and the characters were dreamed up by human beings. It is not real, therefore, the morals they taught are not real either. There was the beginning of the real slide downhill.

Movies began to “push the envelope.” At first, it was witchcraft. Remember Disney’s “The Black Cauldron?” How about “The Wizard of Oz?” with its “good witch” and “wicked witch of the west?” Then came Samantha, the good witch on the show that didn’t hesitate to call itself “Bewitched.” Then came the dabble into “ratings push” things such as profanity and vulgarity that started slow and got worse and worse as time went on. Then it was nudity. In the 1990’s, TV advertisers said this is the “decade of women’s underwear.” Models ran around showing the world what God gave them with no shame. And we watched. And we sank lower and lower into the abyss of “desensitization.” Like the frogs put into cold water with the heat turned up slowly until they were in boiling water, we are in boiling water right now and don’t even realize it.

Heads in the sand with rear ends sticking up in the air abound. People with earmuffs drowning out the voice of God with the loud and shrieking sounds of sex, drugs and the like are everywhere. Exhibitionism has now become the normal way of life, with constant “wardrobe malfunctions” on every corner. Government officials touting that this is no longer a Christian nation. The government getting more and more focused on “entitlements” than our own survival. A narcissistic society that has gotten its gaze stuck on its own reflection because we are “too beautiful to take our eyes off…”

And, the scariest part of it all to me, most Christians are in denial. Christians say that it will be OK because these are the last days and Christ is coming back….as if to say that we have nothing to do, and our efforts would be in vein anyway because it won’t change the world. I’m sorry folks, that kind of stuff from the church makes me want to throw up. After all, if a “lukewarm” Christian makes God sick at His stomach (Revelation 3:16), why should the same thing NOT nauseate each of us as well? It should! It should cause us to become so sick of the way things are now that we dedicate our lives to trying to change it! Whether we think we can be successful or not is not the point. Being faithful to God is.

I challenge you to fall on your knees and pray! Pray like never before! Pray that God stirs something in the hearts of His people that has gotten very stale and needs to be ignited once again. Pray that the dying embers of faith in God in our society are fanned and catch up into a blazing fire once again. Pray that those who do evil to Christians will be kept at bay as the church rises up from the ashes! And, don’t ever be guilty of stifling the revival fires of God by saying it is a waste of time because the Second Coming is eminent! Folks, the Bible says that NO MAN KNOWS THE HOUR! Yes, it could happen even before I publish this letter. But, it might not happen for another thousand years! If you are so certain that Christ’s coming is nigh at hand, then why in the world are you sitting around on your stool of do-nothing doing nothing? Why are you not out trying desperately to win the lost and dying? Why do you not care one iota about the billions of people living on planet earth that are going to bust the doors of Hell wide open? Why are you not stirred to action when people refer to us as “those Christians?”

I think the reason is simple. “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” Check your heart. Are you really serving God, or are you doing it “your way?” Do you spend time in prayer every day asking God for answers? Do you share your faith with someone who is lost? Do you care? Really? If so, get up off your do-nothing and do-everything for Christ!

Remember that you are loved with an everlasting love! God loves you, and has a perfect purpose for your life. It is up to you to find it. It is up to you to ask Him for it. He is waiting. Will you give it all to Him right now? I pray you do. Only then can you find peace and joy in your life.

In Our Master’s Joyful Service,
Ed Smith
Joy Christian Radio

How much is a Christian Radio Station worth?

I don’t mean how much would it cost to buy one. I mean, instead, what is the true value of a Christian Radio station in a community? Let’s take this opportunity to evaluate the situation and see for ourselves.
The best way I know to answer these questions is to examine the outreach and impact of a radio station. If a radio station is not listened to, it has no impact and does no good in the community where it resides. Once, we owned a radio station in a very depressed area in Southeast Alabama. It was a cotton mill town, and the mill had just closed as we took over, putting the majority of the town’s citizens out of work. It was a terrible time. People turned to all kinds of things, but not to our small AM Christian station. So convinced that we didn’t have any listeners, I got on the air one day and told the audience that I had a 100 dollar bill that I would give to the first caller, and nobody called! I decided then and there that we needed to get rid of that station because there was no ministry value there. On the other hand, at our new FM radio station in Tullahoma, Tennessee, we have found the exact opposite. We operated WLYJ via “remote control” from our home in Tupelo, Mississippi for a full year prior to our relocating here. During that time, we have had numerous calls, emails, Facebook messages and the like from listeners! We went off the air once due to technical problems, and the phone lines lit up like a Christmas tree! People are listening to WLYJ! There is a good audience in Coffee County, Tennessee and surrounding areas who love Classic Gospel Music!! We have a wonderful ministry in this area, and fully expect WLYJ to grow and flourish as time goes on.
Perhaps the more pertinent question in our little debate is this: What would be the cost to the community if Joy Christian Radio went off the air? I think that is obvious! I have heard more than once about other Christian stations in the area that went off the air or were sold to others who changed the format to something else. They have told me that the Southern Gospel stations in this area just can’t make enough money to stay on the air. That is a tough place to be in…we’ve been there. I am thrilled to report that Joy Christian Radio is debt free!! WLYJ is completely paid for; the cost we have now is lease on our studio building and operational costs. I can say with a great deal of certainty that WLYJ has a bright future, and I have every reason to believe that God’s people in Tullahoma and surrounding areas will support this station and keep it on the air!!
With that in mind, then we should consider this while we’re at it: How much does it cost to KEEP our Christian Radio station on the air? Other Christian Radio stations have a major budget because they have a full staff and powerful stations that reach major portions of the state. Joy Christian Radio is a small operation with an all volunteer staff (including me). We have had a part time employee from time to time during our 13 year existence, but for the most part, it has been done by volunteers. I can’t begin to tell you how phenomenal that achievement is! I don’t know of any other Christian Radio organization with that track record over 13 years! Most people work to get paid. But, God led us to do this as our labor of love, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. So, to answer the question, it currently takes a mere $2500 per month to operate the Tullahoma operations of Joy Christian Radio! And, once we reach our financial goal of $2500 per month, we believe there will be enough left over to allow us to hire a part time employee without having to raise the monthly budget!
Joy Christian Radio offers “information you and your family can trust” as well as “inspiration for you and the whole family.” That is our motto, and it is our offering to our listeners; wherever they might be. And, God has blessed that stance! So, how much IS a Christian Radio Station worth? I answer that with questions: How can you put a price on a human being who is discouraged and has gotten away from God and His Church, and they “accidentally” tune in our station and ends up listening, only to find their way home to Christ? How can you put a price on the telling of the unmitigated Truth about things that are happening in our society that Joy Christian Radio disseminates to the Body of Christ; especially in the midst of this troubled and heartbroken world in which we live? How can you put a price tag on that day when you or I were discouraged and defeated; that day when the burden of the whole world had crashed down on your shoulders and you just didn’t think you could go another step? But, then, you turned on the radio and heard a song, that Scripture or that thought from the announcer that uplifted your spirit and gave you the courage to keep going! How much is it worth to look into the face of that person who found Jesus on the radio, and to hear them sing His praises in church and watch families be mended?
When God’s Word penetrates the human heart, it brings healing and peace that passes understanding. Joy Christian Radio is being used of God as a vehicle through which the Gospel can find its way into the human heart through the hearing of the Gospel! People will listen to music when they refuse to listen to anything else. It is interesting that all of us will sing along with a familiar song when our hearts are smashed and left in the ditch as dead by the world’s hatred and anger. Maybe now would be a good time to ask another question, “how much profit is there in a dollar given to Joy Christian Radio? The answer to that question is abundantly clear. You cannot put a monetary price tag on the return you will receive on your investment in Joy Christian Radio!! Now, that is what I call an “infinite return” that never stops giving!! A dollar spent on Christian Radio is a powerful investment that will bring more blessings than we could ever enumerate.
At Joy Christian Radio, we have a monumental task ahead of us!! In addition to our monthly operational costs, Joy Christian Radio currently needs a major makeover at our transmitter site here in Tullahoma. We need a new broadcast antenna and transmitter, as ours are on the order of 15 years old, and are beyond the average “life span” of that type of equipment. We are having trouble with the equipment, and are not operating as efficiently as we should be, causing a loss to part of our footprint. This makeover will cost a lot of money. In addition to that, there are other radio stations across the Southeast US that are available to us; one of which we already own, but are about to lose as I write this letter because we simply don’t have the money to put it on the air before the FCC deadline comes and goes later this week. Other radio stations; both AM and FM across the Southeast are also available to us, and even though we could get these facilities for little-or-nothing, it will take makeovers on these facilities in order to get them on the air; again taking a lot of money. I have found myself praying and asking God to give us the money to build these stations, but He keeps telling me the same thing; God wants His people to give if this is to come to pass.
Before us is a golden harvest that needs to be brought in while there is still time. With your prayers and financial support, we will take a whack at that harvest as best we can! The opportunities before us are staggering, but the supporters and laborers are few. The finances are tight; often choking, but God never fails to provide our needs. And, now, we are coming to you asking that you join hand in hand with us as partners in ministry so that we can watch Joy Christian Radio grow and become a powerful voice for the Kingdom of Christ!
My final question for this time is this: Will you pray and ask God to lead you as to what you should do to support Joy Christian Radio? If you are not able to financially support us, please don’t feel guilty. This is not about a guilt trip. In fact, many who are not able to financially support our ministry support us in another way that is actually more valuable than money. They are our prayer warriors! So, will you stand with us today? Join us as we “Build the Foundations” and help us to reach that goal of $2500 per month. And, we would love to have 2500 people praying daily for our ministry, too. Could you just imagine the power of that many people praying for a single ministry? It is mind-blowing! To those who are led of God to financially contribute, remember that your contributions are always tax deductible when you give to Joy Christian Radio. May God richly bless you and yours!
In Our Master’s Joyful Service,
Ed Smith
Joy Christian Radio

Tullahoma, Tennessee Office and Studios are OPEN!

Joy Christian Radio is off and running at our brand new studios and offices in Tullahoma, Tennessee! On March 21, 2012, Joy Christian Radio began operations at WLYJ-88.5 FM, Tullahoma from our home office (in the garage) in Tupelo, MS. Joy Christian Radio had come through an incredibly tough 2 ½ years in which we thought that, between my poor health, the terrible economy, the stresses of family problems and the stress of taking care of an elderly parent in our home would surely crush our efforts to keep the radio ministry alive. But, in spite of the terrible storms that raged outside, God was at work. He was far from finished with Joy Christian Radio! And, we are here as a result of His handiwork!
On December 21, 2012, my wife, Marie and I began the incredibly difficult task of moving to Tullahoma. Now, you must realize that I’m talking about more than a personal move – I’m talking about relocating an entire radio network operations center, equipment and a warehouse full of things in storage. It took a solid month…we turned in the last trailer rented on January 28, 2013. At that point, the boxes were stacked to the ceiling at home and at the radio station. Much of the radio station equipment was stored in a rented storage unit in Tullahoma. The inside of the radio station building was painted pink. Yes, pink. Now, after seven weeks of back breaking work, Marie and I are glad to announce that we have opened the doors! There is still much work to do, but the office and studios are functional, and we went on the air “Live” this very day! It is the first completely “live” broadcast we’ve been able to do in over three years! It was wonderful, and I am looking forward to doing it again!!
In order for each of you to get a grip on the miracle that accompanies this story, you need some background information. First, I suffer with severe heart problems. In 2006, I nearly died after triple bypass surgery that went badly wrong when a femoral artery was punctured during the bypass procedure. I ended up with three major surgeries instead of one. As a result of the edema (swelling; I gained over 65 pounds in “fluid weight”), damage was done to my hands and feet. Muscular loss was experienced in the back of both hands, and neuropathy on my feet got out of control. I now wear a brace on my right foot, and saw a podiatrist last week who has now prescribed a brace for both feet. Yes, it’s getting worse. I am a severe diabetic (and I am thrilled to report that my A-1C is down to 7.1!! PTL!!), and I suffer from what the doctors called a triglyceride disorder (I can’t begin to pronounce the name of the ailment). And, while in the tough times back in 2010, I had to have an implanted defibrillator put in. That’s another story in itself that I call my “miracle nightmare.” Perhaps I’ll share the details on that sometime. All of this, and Marie and I have been able to move ourselves and the radio network; paint the pink walls blue (Marie did a FABULOUS job painting) and set up the network in time for the Grand Opening this morning at 9:00 AM Central Time. Yes, God is at work for sure.
Originally, we had plans that would have allowed us to move a bit more slowly in our initial fund raising, but, as happens many times, our plans didn’t pan out; so we are forced to become a bit more aggressive. Now, please understand, we will not ever engage in an “eternal share-a-thon,” where we beg for money for week after week after week as some radio stations do. Our pledge is simple when it comes to donated money. We promise to be the best stewards of all that God provides us to the absolute best of our ability. That means that we won’t waste money, spend extravagantly or spend unnecessarily. We didn’t get to the place we are today by spending money unwisely or foolishly. God has blessed us, and He is blessing us today.
With this Grand Opening and Open House notice, I also want to let you know about our “Building the Foundations” program. We have adapted a well known fund raising system that is used by several missions organizations that I have been affiliated with for decades called the “Faith Promise Share” system. We changed it somewhat to fit our needs, but the basic system is the same. I need to say this: Please don’t get the term “share” confused with a Stock Market term. You are not “buying” shares (or anything else) when you pledge your support. A share, as we use the Biblical term, means to our program that we “bear one another’s burdens…” We carry the burden of broadcasting the Gospel and ask that you share in helping us pay the bills. We simply cannot do this alone. A Faith Promise Share (often, we call it simply a “share”) is $20. per month. You can take a “partial share” if you can’t do a full share; or you may take multiple shares if you wish to give more. Also, you are not required to participate in the share program to donate. Please feel free to donate any “one time gift” that you are led to give as you choose to participate. The Faith Promise Share program is merely a tool that allows us to track the pledged income so that we can prepare a budget. If you have questions, please call us at 931.222.1633, and we will strive to answer your questions. You can also use the link to our account at “” that is here on this website, if you wish. There, you can give one time or recurring (your choice) if you are using your credit or debit card.
Thank you for your support of Joy Christian Radio!!! This miracle came to pass because of many friends and loved ones who gave sacrificially through the years and prayed consistently for us! Without your prayers and support, we could not exist. Please visit us when you can (especially during our Open House this week), or call or email if we can be of assistance in any way!
In Our Master’s Joyful Service,
Ed Smith
Joy Christian Radio

IT’S OFFICIAL!! WLYJ-FM Granted by the FCC

It’s FINALLY OFFICIAL!  Joy Christian Radio was granted the assignment and renewal of WLYJ, Tullahoma, TN, and it has now been consummated!!  It is FINALLY ours!  We began this LONG journey back in March, and it has taken this long to get the license renewed and assigned to us; but the day is finally here!  It’s been a long and joyous journey, and now we look forward to many years of ministry from Tennessee!!

We officially started operating WLYJ under a lease agreement back in March of this year.  The previous licensee of the station and our dear friends at American Family Radio were gracious as we worked through the potentially obstacle-laden pathway to the regular cycle of station license renewal with the FCC and the subsequent assignment of license process to get it in our name.  The FCC officially granted the license renewal over the summer and the assignment of license to us this past Friday, September 14.  We successfully consummated the deal on Monday, September 17, 2012.

That brings us much closer to our goal of restructuring our organization as a result of the poor economy and my declining health.  This move will give us stability at the headquarters such as we haven’t had since we started Joy Christian Radio back in 2000.  Please join us in prayer that we might be able to sell our final station that is on the market.  It is an AM station in Greenwood, MS.  Once that sale is accomplished, it will open the door for us financially as we prepare to relocate our headquarters to Tullahoma!!  Our desire is to remain as close to debt-free operations as possible as we seek to serve the Lord during these troubled times we live in.

I would like to remind each one who reads this blog or listens to our station or the stream feed from this website that we are a non-profit organization and we depend on the prayers and financial support from friends and people like you who believe in our work and share in its ongoing mission.  If you feel led to pray for us, please do so and let us know you are praying!  And, should the Lord lead you to support us financially, you can use the PayPal link on this website to use a card or mail a donation to us at PO Box 3, Tullahoma, TN 37388.

Thank you for your prayers and support during this time of transition and new opportunity!!

In Our Master’s Joyful Service,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ed Smith