Joy Christian Radio – Building an Addition to the Foundation

Joy Christian Radio – Building an Addition to the Foundation

By:  Ed Smith

On September 3, 2018, Joy Christian Radio witnessed a miracle.  A birth of sorts.  98.9-FM in the Mississippi Pine Belt went on the air.  This new “baby” has already touched hearts and lives all over the large section of the region it covers in just two short months.  As I drive around the area, my mouth literally hangs open as I realize how large this coverage area is.  Meridian, Laurel, Bay Springs and way over into Alabama….all this and more are covered by this wonderful new outreach of Joy Christian Radio.

During our Share the Joy celebration in October, one of our volunteers voiced a question that we heard several times since 98.9 went on the air.  “Why in the world would you buy a new radio station when our signal (88.5 in Tullahoma) doesn’t even cover Lynchburg (Tennessee)?”  Well, that answer is simple.  The signal of any radio station is determined by the FCC, not by us.  A station’s “footprint” is prepared in advance of the station going on the air by computer simulations that approximate its coverage.  The bottom line is that – a station’s coverage is what it is….and rarely these days can it be expanded, as is the case with 88.5 in Tullahoma.  Believe me, we tried.  We also tried to purchase another station close to Tullahoma and that didn’t work either.  But God opened a wonderful door in the Mississippi Pine Belt, so we jumped at the chance to get such a wonderful station!

So, what do we do now?  Well, we build foundations!  You see, our job with this new “baby” is to build it into a viable and functional part of Joy Christian Radio, and that takes a LOT of work!  I blogged about foundations last entry and the importance of a strong, straight and level foundation and why that is so.  The same is true with 98.9!  The foundation in this station is built two-fold, and in this order.

  • Prayer Support – if we are to survive and reach people with the Hope of the Gospel, we MUST have committed prayer warriors who will pray EVERY DAY for this ministry! Prayer is the cement that the foundation is built from.  Prayer is the careful construction that ensures the foundation is built properly and that it will hold the “dead” and “live” weight of the building and its contents we build on it.  Prayer is the blue print that God provides and we follow to the letter.  So, Prayer is the first and most important element.

  • Financial Support – It is very expensive to own and operate such a facility! God has blessed us with a magnificent facility!  It has a new transmitter, a new antenna, new tower, new roof on the building, new Heat / AC in the studio building and transmitter building and a lot of other things that make it a wonderful opportunity for us.  However, all of these things, though they be new or relatively new, require regular maintenance!  Our power bill would scare you to death on this 25,000 watts station.  The fees imposed by government and music licensing organizations, along with other costs are staggering.  And, I haven’t even gotten to salaries yet.  As of now, we have absolutely zero in salaries because all of us, including my wife, Marie and I are all volunteers.  That can’t go on for a very long time, obviously, as we have to live and we need to hire staff to keep up with the ever-increasing demands as the station grows.  All of that takes money….and a lot of it.  We are frugal and pinch pennies until they squeal, but it still takes a lot of financial backing to run such a station.

We are searching for a few good “heroes” that will step up to the plate and help us in our mission to spread the Hope of the Gospel to the world!  Those who really want to make a real difference.  Those heroes among us that are dedicated to the idea that the Hope of the Gospel is this sin-darkened world’s only real hope is the Hope of the Gospel.

We need you to do two things, and only two things.  1) Will you pray and ask the Lord as to how He would lead you regarding supporting Joy Christian Radio in our mission of spreading the Hope of the Gospel?  AND, 2) Will you simply DO what God leads you to do?

That is all we have ever asked.  If everyone that loves Joy Christian Radio and loves this ministry outreach will do those two simple things, we will have that foundation built in no time and be ready to build the other ministries of Joy Christian Radio in the Pine Belt!  You see, in addition to broadcasting, we also teach Bible Studies, have a wonderful Christmas Card ministries to the shut ins in the area, facilitate Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, Prayer and Share days, and a lot more.  But, these need to be built on that foundation I spoke of.  Will you be a hero and join the family of supporters?  Just Pray and Obey.

Building the Foundations

The strength of any building lies solely in its foundation.  An improperly built, unlevel or “wompy jawed” (a term coined by a friend) foundation results in a weak building that will fall apart through the years and the weather.  However, a well-built foundation that is level and properly constructed will cause the strength of the building resting on its back to be strong and withstand many years of inclement weather and all the use and abuse of those who live inside its walls. 

The purpose of any foundation is three-fold.

  • To bear the weight (load) of the building and its contents.
  • To anchor it against natural forces such as storms and earth tremors.
  • To isolate it from ground moisture.

 Bearing the Load

In engineering terms, a house foundation must bear the dead and live loads of the house superstructure itself – or the dead weight.  It is called dead weight because that part of the weight of the building never changes. 

 Bearing the Weight of Changing Natural Forces.

The “live” load is the changing weights of contents and people, and the live load of such things as snow on the roof and other naturally occurring changes in weight.  If the house is not anchored properly, it cannot stand; however, a well built foundation with a properly constructed home will withstand all these things….and the years of time as they pass.

 Prevent Ground Moisture.

Some areas of the countryside have more moisture than others, and for some this is more critical than others, however, in all situations, moisture must be prevented from directly impacting the floor structure.  The foundation holds the home up off the ground so that this moisture is separated from the structure, therefore preventing rot and deterioration due to excess moisture soaking into the building. 

       The foundation might seem like a simple part of the construction of a building, but the foundation is the most important part of any construction project.  The same can be said of our lives and our relationship with God.  The person whose foundation is Christ will be able to withstand the dead weight of life and the changing weight of living souls who occupy its borders. 

       The person whose foundation is Christ will have an anchor against natural storms and earthquakes.  The person whose foundation is Christ will be able to be isolated from the elements that satan would throw at them that would rot and cause deterioration of the lifeblood of the person and help the building to last a lifetime.

“Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.

“But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.”

-Matthew 7:24-27



Vernon Slate Memorial Building Fund Report May, 2017

May 30, 2017

Report of the Vernon Slate Memorial Building Fund
From the Engineering Department of Joy Christian Radio
Tullahoma, TN

Dear friends and supporters:
We are thrilled to report some stellar progress in the fund raising efforts launched during our recent “Go Reach Your World” Share the Joy Celebration back in early April! If you will remember, we set an engineering fund raising goal of $7,000 in order to build the new CCM Online radio station and to get a piece of equipment repaired that we need to have done.
We were able to raise the entire $7,000 by late April! A local church, Calvary Baptist Church in Tullahoma, stepped up to the plate and made a $3,000 contribution to finish out the entire amount! Others gave sacrificially to help us accomplish these engineering tasks!
The CCM radio station went online formally on Friday, May 12 at Noon Central Time! In order to accomplish this, we had to renovate or build the following computer / switching components:
The “on air” file server had to be replaced with a much faster and more efficient server that would handle all three networks simultaneously. We purchased and refurbished (in house) a used Dell Poweredge Model T-320. We added a full set of new hard drives, increased the memory and serviced the unit. We are very pleased so far with its performance!
We had to replace several of the computer workstations that were showing their age. Failure to do so would cause failure at some point, so we bit the bullet and did all of them.
We purchased and constructed software / computer work stations in rack mount cases to operate the CCM network.
We purchased new audio processors (total of 3) for all three networks. This makes all the equipment uniform and moves us from the old, worn out analog processors we had to modern digital-controlled processing for all three networks.
We built a new and faster Intranet structure to handle the added traffic of the third network.
We paid the Internet fees for the new CCM station for 2017.
We purchased a huge addition to the music library as our existing CCM library was mostly older (but good!) music. We are still adding to the CCM library every week!
We built a new scheduler workstation, new play-to-air workstation and added processing, switching, Distribution Amps and all the needed switching and equipment needed to be able to “go live” at any time we choose.
We reworked the entire Scheduling Workstation console that houses all three schedulers. Classic Gospel, Bible Talk and CCM are housed together in a place where the programming and remote functions can be easily accessed, plus we now have a workstation where a person can work with the schedulers directly. It’s a much needed improvement in that part of the equipment!
That’s the report concerning the construction of the CCM station! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the response! It has been really good thus far. We ask you to continue to pray as we build this new radio station into a new network to run alongside our existing Classic Gospel Network!
The total cost of building the CCM network and all the related work that was done did create a cost overrun as much of the equipment we purchased was more expensive than our estimates indicated. As a result, we have not yet had the Crown Transmitter sent in for repair, but we do still have part of the funds in reserve to get that done. We hope to get that done very soon, the Lord willing! The balance in the VSMBF is $1206.43, and we need a total of $2,000 in order to get the transmitter repaired.
It’s been quite a banner time of progress in the life of Joy Christian Radio! Never in our history have we had such an ability to start a new radio outreach AND refurbish our file servers and workstation computers PLUS replace key components that make our sound better all at once! The new sound of all of our stations and online streams is better than ever! We’re praising God for His provision and for the wonderful improvements!
Please accept my thanks for all the support you gave us! We simply cannot do this alone! But, together, we can reach more and more people globally with the Gospel of Christ! I’m looking forward to some wonderful new reports as to how many people are listening to our new station! Be sure to tell someone about Joy Christian Radio’s CCM Station! Online at our website ( and via the Tune In App, wherever it is found! (Now on Roku TV devices!).

Submitted by:
Ed Smith,
President / Founder / Chief Engineer
Joy Christian Radio

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