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You have reached the Joy Christian Radio Support Page! Here, you can use a credit / debit card or your Paypal account to support Joy Christian Radio. Just click the PayPal Icon on this page to go to the secure processing center.
Thank you for your support of Joy Christian Radio!!


If I told you that you can now support Joy Christian Radio, save money on your groceries and gasoline purchases and it not cost you a penny, would you do it? Well, now you can!
Kroger has approved Joy Christian Ministries (Joy Christian Radio) to be the recipient of funds from purchases of those people who have Kroger Rewards Cards and designate us to receive those funds!
If you would like to help us by supporting Joy Christian Radio with your Kroger Rewards Card purchases, just have your Kroger card handy and go online to Fill out the information on the form, including your Kroger Rewards Card number, etc. When you get to the part that asks to whom your donation should go to, enter our NPO number. It is 14295. You will find us listed as “Joy Christian Radio” and “Joy Christian Ministries.” Please note that there are MANY “Joy Radio” outfits in the country. We are the ONLY “Joy Christian Radio” in the country!
If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will gladly assist you any way we can!
Thank you for your Support of Joy Christian Radio! And, special thanks to Kroger for their support of this ministry!!

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