Journey to the Cross; The Triumphal Entry

When you think about the Messiah’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey without the usual pomp and circumstance that accompanied a Roman General coming back home after victory in battle, why do you suppose we call it a “Triumphal Entry?”  After all, Jesus Christ:

  • Jesus wasn’t a military general or commander of any rank;

  • Jesus wasn’t even entering the journey victorious, not by the world’s standards, anyway.  I mean, he hadn’t defeated any human army that we know of, certainly no army that was the enemy of Rome;

  • Jesus was not even a Roman citizen, or an ally of Rome, or someone the Roman government would have wanted to celebrate…since we know what the Roman government did to Jesus later in the week.

Find these answers on today’s sermon entitled “Journey to the Cross; The Triumphal Entry”