Faith under Fire 2 – Doubting Your Faith in God

Have you ever been confronted by a skeptic who challenges your belief in God?  That scenario is more common these days than it has been in over  a century.  With the advent of the Internet, atheists and all manner of Christian skeptics have come to the surface challenging our faith in God. 
Can you provide an answer to skeptics who ask you why you read and believe that “Bronze-Age book of fairy tales” that we call the Bible?  How can you fight off the questions of “How do you know there is a God?”
Perhaps you have already confronted these ideologies and are doubting your own relationship today.  Well, if you think you are the only one who has doubted, take heart!  Today, we will talk about some people in the Bible who doubted God and how God responded to their doubts.  You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that even dedicated Christian people have doubts from time to time and how God can help you deal with your doubt.