Who would knock a hole in somebody’s roof?

Today’s message is one I consider a “legacy message,” in that I have preached this sermon all over the Southeast US over the past 4 decades. Every time I preach this message, people respond to it and are blessed by it. That gives me more satisfaction than you can imagine to see God using this simple sermon to touch lives. I pray it touches yours.

Oftentimes, it takes a special type of dedicated person or people to accomplish certain things that seem difficult or even impossible to accomplish. This type of deep dedication goes much further than the ordinary, run of the mill, average Christian often gives to their walk with the Lord in our culture today.
In Mark chapter 2, the Gospel writer gives an account of four men who were determined to get their crippled friend to the Messiah while He was speaking to a crowded house full of people and how the managed to get through the “press.” Many people would have quit and just gone home, but these four men pushed through, even doing some things that will most certainly get the gossip lines buzzing.
But their faithfulness to the Lord and their friend as they did what they knew they had to do paid off. Christ even mentioned them and their faithfulness as He healed their friend.
It’s a bit of a different twist on a familiar Bible story. I pray it blesses you deeply.
It’s titled “Who would knock a hole in somebody’s roof?