Guard Your Heart; “the best of the rest”


“Follow your heart” the world says.  But, should we follow our  heart as we trek through this world or guard it from the world?

This week, I continue my recuperation from that hospital procedure, so we are, once again, doing the “best of the rest” sermon.  Here is an excerpt from that message:

“One thing that I’ve learned as I have studied computers and radio automation and audio production through the years is that a computer does not have the ability to create anything new.  It can only manipulate what it is given in a manner that we instruct it to.  A computer can, at lightening speed, manage and sort massive amounts of data in mere seconds that would take hours or even days, weeks or months in some cases for a human being to accomplish.

In the world of computers, we have two main considerations.  The Input and the Output.  What we put into a computer is data that we want stored.  The output is the result of the computer’s work in sorting, arranging and even manipulating that data as we instruct it to do.

Well, a human heart works the exact same way. 

A human heart will take what we put into it, disseminate it into our worldview (that is a set of values and ideals that we use to define the world we live in) and interpret it as our mind has predefined should be.”