The Elephant Rope – the best of the rest


This weekend, I’m still recovering from my hospital procedure.  It’s taking longer than I anticipated, but healing is coming!  God is in control.  So, once again, we will have a “best of the rest” sermon that I preached about a year ago.  I pray it speaks to you!

It’s amazing to watch people as they are “programmed” by those who exert their influence over them.  Many times after war has ravaged an enemy country, the US will do “propaganda drops.”  They drop printed material that helps reorient the war ravaged country in the right direction.  This is a good thing.

However, when a person with ulterior motives begins to get their propaganda across to an unsuspecting public, the result is a tragedy.  Most of the time, when this happens in a majority Christian country, it’s because Christians have become lazy and indifferent.  We are “stirred but not changed.”

Today’s sermon delves into “the elephant rope,” a story and a message about following only ONE.  Follow Christ.  Reject human propaganda.