Let Freedom Ring


Freedom.  It’s the most precious gift God gave to mankind.  God could have made man to be nothing more than a robot or a puppet on a set of strings that obeyed His every whim.  But, He didn’t do that.  Instead, God gave us the choice to serve Him or to hate Him.  And, He provided a way so that, when we sinned, we’d have a way out and a way to get to Heaven when we die.

So, why is it that so many people still live in the bondage of sin?  Perhaps the reasons are right in front of our noses.  Our nation declared its independence from Britain and established itself as an independent Free society.  But, nowadays, Americans seem content to let it all slip away in the name of “safety.”  Will we wake up in time or will we perish?  That answer is squarely in our hands.

Today’s message is a powerful Independence Day message about our personal independence from sin.  Only as we discover what that means can we ever hope to have real freedom in America once again.  God, please bring us REVIVAL!