Showdown at Mt. Carmel

Sometimes, it comes down to a showdown.  Two opposing forces collide and cause massive confusion to the people around them as the lies and propaganda go forth along with the truth.  When it comes to the Messiah and Absolute truth verses the enemy of our souls and all his propaganda come to blows because of the damage the lies of the enemy has done, there can be no peace until the truth prevails.  Eventually, the lies that manipulated and caused the division will have to come to blows.

That very thing happened in the Old Testament when Elijah, the Prophet of God met with Wicked King and Queen, Ahab and Jezebel and their false prophets of the fake god named Baal.  Elijah’s challenge was simple….let the real God answer our prayer with fire and take our sacrifice. 

Today’s message talks about that showdown….on Mount Carmel, and how showdowns of this nature must happen even in our time.