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It has to be the most unusual battle plan in the history of mankind.
The year: 850 BC. The place: Jerusalem. The king: a godly man named Jehoshaphat.
He was a good king, and he reigned during a period of prosperity and happiness for the people of Judah.
God smiled upon him because he was a man of the Word of God – as much of the Bible as they had in that day.
He honored God’s Word, and God honored him in return.
But, his life and all of Judah changed when word came that a vast enemy army was approaching from the southeast.
They came from Edom on the other side of the Dead Sea. When the king got the news, the advancing army was only 40 miles away and closing rapidly.
The enemies, including the Moabites, the Ammonites and the Meunites had been planning their attack for many weeks.
The danger to Judah was very real.
The army he faced was far larger than the army he commanded. In a straightforward battle, the men of Judah would lose badly.
This was anything but a fair fight. The devil appeared to have the upper hand.
What will this Godly king, Jehoshaphat do?