Who is in control of your life?

We live in the day and age of the “self made man.”  Many wealthy business people think they did that.  Their hard work and ingenuity is the single thing that took them to the top.  But, in reality, who did that?  Who gave them the ability to climb the ladder?   In reality, it is not themselves in control of their destiny.  Ultimately, it is God who allowed them to make life’s choices, good or bad who gave them their abilities that, in many cases are not used for His glory.

So, who or what is in control of your life?  God gave you life, breath and the various abilities and talents you have, but do you give them to Him for service in His Kingdom?  Today, we’ll ask and answer that question, “Who is in control of your life” as we visit with one man in the Bible whose life was controlled by demons.  You don’t want to miss this message!