The Day After Christmas

“Luigi Tarisio was found dead one morning with scarce a comfort in his home, but with 246 exquisite violins, which he had been collecting all his life, crammed into an attic, the best in the bottom drawer of an old rickety bureau. In his very devotion to the violin, he had robbed the world of all that music all the time he treasured them; others before him had done the same. Thus, when the greatest of all violins in his collection, a Stradivarius, was first played, there had been a total of 147 years in which the world never had heard the beautiful sounds of a Stradivarius.
I have to wonder just how many of Christ’s Children are like Tarisio? Many have the wonderful love of Christ buried away in our attic and never get it out. In our very love for the church and her mission, we fail to give the glad tidings of Christ to the world. In our zeal for the truth we forget to publish it. When shall we all learn that the Good News needs not just to be cherished, but needs to be published? The world needs to hear it. Now. ALL people need to hear it.”
“Saving knowledge is diffused over the earth, not like sunlight but like torchlight, which is passed from hand to hand.”
— James Strachan
This year, let’s all covenant to share the Hope of the Gospel that we have in our hearts with the world! Get involved with a church that has a mission to reach people for Christ!