Strengthen That Which Remains

“Charles Spurgeon spoke for many Christian leaders when he wrote,
“Some years ago, I was the subject of fearful depression of spirit. Various troublous events had happened to me; I was also unwell, and my heart sank within me. Out of the depths I was forced to cry unto the Lord. Just before I went away to Mentone for rest, I suffered greatly in body, but far more in soul, for my spirit was overwhelmed. Under this pressure, I preached a sermon from the words, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” I was as much qualified to preach from that text as ever I expect to be; indeed, I hope that few of my brethren could have entered so deeply into those heart-breaking words. I felt to the full of my measure the horror of a soul forsaken of God. Now that was not a desirable experience. I tremble at the bare idea of passing again through that eclipse of soul; I pray that I may never suffer in that fashion again.”
I mention this today to drive home that the greatest saints, the most valiant warriors, are not above the need to have their hands strengthened in God. In fact the devil’s attacks on them may make their need even greater. So the first lesson from our text is that you never outgrow your need for daily exhortation. The deepest saints and the strongest leaders need comrades to strengthen their hands in God.