When Faith Dies

“A heart without a pulse is dead. You can try to fix the problem by duplicating your pulse using artificial means, but it won’t bring your dead heart back to life. Instead, you must turn your attention to the real problem. Ask God to Revive your heart – Only then will your pulse return. A pulse is in existence only because you have a living heart beating at the end of the connection.

When James said in his Epistle, “Faith without works is dead,” that is exactly what he meant. Many Christians wake up one day and realize they are not “working,” so they try to fix the problem by getting to work. They volunteer to clean the church or cut the grass or hit the streets with the visitation team, but they have ignored the real problem that started all of this in the first place. Sadly, many do this sort of thing for a very long time, but their heart is still dead.

If you are ever around when a person has a heart attack and the EMT wants to somehow stimulate his pulse rather than using the Defibrillator to jump-start his heart, throw him out of the building as fast as you can and get some real help for this patient!

So, after what has been said here, I realize that my “pulse” is not genuine because my heart is in trouble. What do I do now?

Pastor Ed provides the answer in today’s Podcast!