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Standing Through the Storm

What is the difference between the wise man’s house built on a rock and the foolish man’s house built on the sand?
The foundation.
What was it that revealed that difference?
The storm.
For all their differences the wise and foolish man have some things in common.
They both are home builders.
They both have a built a house.
They both have to endure and suffer through the same storm.
Most importantly they both have heard the Word of God.
The main difference is the foolish man heard and did nothing else.
The wise man heard the Word and obeyed God.
“But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.”
Catch today’s powerful message entitled “Standing Through the Storm.”

The essentials of life

Can you list the things that are “essential” in YOUR life?
Most would say things like, “Health, family, love, education, a nice home, a car to drive, a good job, etc.”
Would you be honest for a minute and answer one more question?
How did God and your relationship with the Creator of the Universe fit in with your initial answer? Was it immediately #1 or did you have to work it in the list when I asked the second question?
Too many times, God is relegated to a second thought in our busy modern world. But, that shouldn’t be!
We live in a world that is falling apart at the seems; and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
Here is today’s challenge:
Let’s make our relationship with God “essential” to our lives, and be at the top of the list! After all, the Word of God says to seek first the Kingdom of God (and then) these things will be added unto you.
Put God first. Let’s start working in God’s Kingdom like everything is dependent on you to get it done and live like we can do nothing without God. That’s actually a very good place to live!
Learn more in this week’s sermon entitled “The essentials of life in Christ.”

Life After the Storm

When a storm hits us in the middle of our lives, there is often devastation followed by depression and lots of grief.  But, there’s hope!  After the storm will take a look at life once the storm passes and how  there is hope to rebuild our lives.  Listen as pastor Ed brings us hope from the Word of God as we rebuild our lives following the devastation of a storm.



Standing In the Storm – The Cares of Life

Standing In the Storm – The Cares of Life.  Standing in the center of God’s will while the storms rage is often a hard thing to do, but it is necessary.  God will bring us through the storms.  Just take His hand and never let go.  Today, we will seek ways to find Peace in the midst of the storms of life.

The Death, Burial and Resurrection of A Messiah

The death on a cross was a cruel, agonizing and slow death. Torture would also be an appropriate description.
Once the Messiah was dead and His side pierced, the “blood and water” (medically, the red blood cells and the clear plasma that had separated – a true sign of death), His body was removed and put in a borrowed tomb.
But, Glory to God, He didn’t stay there! On that Resurrection Sunday Morning, Christ Arose!
So, what is the result of all of those events?
Our salvation from hell and the ability to be “crucified with Christ” as Galatians 2:20 says.

Journey to the Cross; The Triumphal Entry

When you think about the Messiah’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey without the usual pomp and circumstance that accompanied a Roman General coming back home after victory in battle, why do you suppose we call it a “Triumphal Entry?”  After all, Jesus Christ:

  • Jesus wasn’t a military general or commander of any rank;

  • Jesus wasn’t even entering the journey victorious, not by the world’s standards, anyway.  I mean, he hadn’t defeated any human army that we know of, certainly no army that was the enemy of Rome;

  • Jesus was not even a Roman citizen, or an ally of Rome, or someone the Roman government would have wanted to celebrate…since we know what the Roman government did to Jesus later in the week.

Find these answers on today’s sermon entitled “Journey to the Cross; The Triumphal Entry”

The Church of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia

Wouldn’t it be great if all Christians and all Christian Churches understood and practiced Brotherly Love? There are some who do, and those are the churches that get God’s most abundant blessing! Join us today for “The Church of Brotherly Love” (The church at Philadelphia) as we conclude our series on the seven churches in Revelation!

Loving God with your whole heart

Are you lukewarm?  Is your church lukewarm? Today’s message continues the seven churches in Revelation as we take a look at the church at Laodicea.  Compromise was the word of the day in that assembly as they sacrificed God’s Word and His teaching for that of the government and the culture of the day.  Catch today’s podcast and learn how to determine whether you or your church is “lukewarm.”

Jezebel in the church…a look at Thyatira and our churches

Jezebel was a wicked queen who practiced witchcraft, Idolatry and persecuted God’s Prophets to the point of causing them to stumble by buckling their knees.

So what does this have to do with a woman the Messiah called “Jezebel” in Revelation?  That’s the topic of today’s message entitled “Jezebel in the church; the study of Thyatira.”  This is a continuation of our seven churches in Revelation series.

Pergamos, the Compromized Church

When a church is a “good church” but allows evil and false doctrine to take to the stage in that venue, that church is compromised. Is that a problem? Find out in today’s podcast.

It’s the latest in the series on the seven churches in Revelation.  Don’t miss this important message!

Christian Persecution is Real. The 7 churches in Revelation series

A woman in India watches as her sister is dragged off by Hindu nationalists. She doesn’t know if her sister is alive or dead.
A man in a North Korean prison camp is shaken awake after being beaten unconscious; the beatings begin again.
A woman in Nigeria runs for her life. She has escaped from Boko Haram, who kidnapped her. She is pregnant, and when she returns home, her community will reject her and her baby.
A group of children are laughing and talking as they come down to their church’s sanctuary after eating together. Instantly, many of them are killed by a bomb blast. It’s Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka
These people don’t live in the same region, or even on the same continent. But they share an important characteristic: They are all Christians, and they suffer because of their faith.…Christian Persecution is real.  Today, we look at the church at Smyrna, the persecuted church.

The Strangest Valentines Day Sermon Ever (The Dead Church, part 2)

The Dead Church.  Part 2.

If something dies, it is appropriate to bury it.  But, sometimes, for whatever reason, we can’t let go when a church dies…..and it will be like a dead person’s body strapped to the back of his killer during New Testament days….the penalty for murder.  The person you murdered will literally kill his murderer.

It’s the strangest Valentine’s Day sermon you will ever hear.  But it is a necessary one in this day and age in which we live when the church in America is dead.

The Dead Church

Does everyone around you think you are very much alive when you feel dead on the inside?  Well, that happened to a church.  Once upon a time there was a church that died and nobody noticed.  Tune in to this week’s podcast for the details……

The Church that lost its First Love. Ephesus.

Today, we begin a series of sermons on the Seven Churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3.

Today’s church is Ephesus.  The Church that misplaced love.  Actually, they lost their “first love.”  Stay tuned for more….right now.

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