Will you help us by making a pledge of any amount; either a one time pledge or a monthly recurring pledge?

Please pick up the phone and call our toll-free “faith promise pledge hotline” to make us your pledge

Please give us the following information in your voice message:

1)         Your name and mailing address, and please leave your return contact phone number should we have questions.

2)         How much you wish to pledge, whether it is a one time or a monthly recurring pledge.  Tell us when and by what means you expect to send in that pledge (you could say “monthly” or you can give us an approximate date for a one time gift).  You may also say “send a check” or “use electronic donation on your website” – OR “other” if it applies!).

It’s quick and easy, and you’ll be glad you helped Joy Christian Radio to stay on the air!

Once you’ve phoned in your pledge, you can send it to us by using any of the methods listed below!

You have several choices to choose from when sending your pledge in to the radio station. 

Option #1.   Mail your check to:

Joy Christian Radio
PO Box 6
Quitman, Mississippi 39355

Option #2. To use a credit or debit card to make a payment of your gift, or if you wish to have it automatically withdrawn from your checking account using an ACH withdrawal, click the large box below and follow the directions.  Inside Easy Tithe’s page, you will have opportunity to check the box to cover our cost of using your credit card (that is optional, but it does help us keep our costs down), and you’ll have the opportunity to check the box that says “recurring.”  Unchecked, your gift will automatically be listed as a one-time gift.  If you check that box, it will be automatically withdraw your gift every month until you tell us to stop.  You can give us a call and stop your recurring gift any time you need to do so.  Also, if you need to change card numbers for any reason, please give us a call and let us know.  We are here to assist you any way we possibly can!

CLICK BELOW and follow the instructions to use our secure online giving!

Option #3.  Scan and use your phone to donate!

Option #4.  Text your gift!

Text “givejoy” to (601)488-3303 and follow the instructions.


If you need us, our Main Office Number is: 601.557.1211

All donations to this organization are tax deductible under IRS rules for charitable contributions.

Thank you for your support of Joy Christian Radio and Joy Christian Media Ministries and Joy Christian Radio!

Every dollar you give shares the Hope of the Gospel to someone, somewhere who needs to find the Hope of the Gospel. 

Give today!  Give generously!  Give regularly!  Share the JOY!!

Thank YOU for your continuing support of Joy Christian Radio! 

Together, we are reaching the world with the Hope Of the Gospel!


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